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1.   Where will the practices and games take place?  Team practices will take place at Millworks in Westford and Concord.  Tournaments will take place in various local locations, including Westford, Sudbury and Wellesley, amongst other eastern, and central Massachusetts facilities.

2.  What is "Sunday Skills" and what types of skills will players work on? There will be several but we will place particular emphasis on the areas that I see most lacking in emerging players: footwork, shooting, ball and team defense, and passing.  That's just a few...there will be others! And whatever skills we work on will be applicable to 5 on 5 game play.

3.  What is "Game Night"? Simply put, Game Night is an opportunity for players to just play games!  Think of it as organized "pick up games".  We break players in their grade group into teams, members of our coaching staff officiate the games and organize substitutions so all players are on the court roughly the same, and the players have an opportunity in a low key environment to have fun and just play games.  We started this program two years ago and the players love it!

4.  Can we only sign up for Sunday Skills and "Game Night" and not join an AAU team? Absolutely!


5.  How many players will there be on an AAU team?  Minimum 8 - Maximum 11.  With no more than 11, you can be assured your child will get the attention they deserve and the opportunity to play.  

6.  How many teams will there be?  The number of teams will depend on the numbers of players interested in playing.  I do expect multiple teams in some grades.

7. Do you make cuts?  Usually we do not although if we feel a player might be overwhelmed by the AAU level of play, we might suggest they participate in the Skills and Game nights first to build some confidence and increase their skill level.

8.  So how is Elevation different from other programs?   Like anything, AAU and club teams can vary in quality.  Regardless of your experience (if any) with other programs, I can promise you the following about this program:

  • We are organized, communicate consistently and clearly, and are entirely transparent.  I am a father, teacher, and coach for 30 years.  I know the challenges for parents balancing time, schedules, finances with doing what is best for our children.  I will always be honest and work with you to make it work for you and your family.

  • We are not a large program.  You will not get lost amongst hundreds of players.  We respond to emails the same day they are received.

  • All of our coaches I have either coached or I know very well.  Our coaches are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, relatable and kind.  Our coaches do not make it about themselves. 

  • There will be skill development, practices, scrimmaging and feedback.  This will not just be all about the games.

  • Your child will get the attention they deserve, both in practices and games.  They will play in every game and increase their confidence over the course of the Fall.  They will be coached by knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches who love teaching the game.

  • Your child will learn skills.  Games are fun but at younger ages learning and developing skills are most important!  

  • By the end of the season your child will have a clearer understanding of both his/her strengths and areas in need of improvement.  If your child aspires to keep playing at higher levels, I can guarantee he/she will know what they need to improve upon to better their chances.

  • Your child will have fun and make some new friends!  Elevation Basketball is open to players from multiple communities, thus players will have the opportunity to meet and compete with new friends and teammates!

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