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  1. Parental Convenience

    • Our practice schedule will be set before the season and remain locked into that schedule for the season 

    • Our tournaments will all be within 1 hour of the MetroWest area.  

    • You will receive regular weekly emails from the staff with reminders and updates.

    • All emails are replied to the day they are received.  

    • Weekly tournament schedules will consistently be emailed to you by the Wednesday evening prior to that weekend's tournament.

  2. Personalized Coaching: Your son will get to know his coach and the coach will know your son!  Our coaches will only coach one team (occasionally two). We are not an AAU factory where one person "coaches" 4 or 5 teams.   

  3. Outstanding professional coaches:  All of our coaches are dedicated to teaching the game the right way.  All of them have several years of experience playing and teaching the game.  

  4. An experienced and organized leader who has taught the game at numerous levels: Elevation Basketball Academy Director Rick Kilpatrick coached high school basketball for 30 years.  In addition, he has run basketball camps and clinics for over 25 years.

  5. Set Rosters: unless there are extenuating circumstances (injuries, emergencies), the roster of each team will remain the same all season.  We are trying to build true teams - your son will never come home after a game and say, "There were two new kids on the team today who I have never seen before".

  6. The RIGHT Priorities:

    • Fun - There must always be JOY in playing the game

    • Improvement - Players learning their strengths and areas to improve and be taught how to improve them

    • Relationships - Players will possibly play with some familiar friends, make new friends, connect with their coach, and have some great memories on and off the court

    • Attention & Opportunity to Play - Players will get the individual attention they desire and need to grow, and the opportunity to build their confidence and put their hard work to the test in game action.

    • Competitiveness - Winning is not everything.  But playing in competitive games is darn important.  To the best of our ability, players and teams will play appropriate competition.


I hope this gives you a better idea of WHY ELEVATION BASKETBALL AAU is right for your child.  I hope we see your son at one of our tryouts.

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